• The fierce woman who owns her confidence handling any situation with graceDistinct Visual Style

  • The goddess who makes empowering decisions with certainty from her heart center

  • The badass divine creator who manifests her dreams with ease

  • In this powerful program you will learn how to quickly and indefinitely connect to your intuition to create unshakable confidence in your choices, your spirit, and your life.Distinct Visual Style

  • If you are ready to break old patterns, forge new high-quality thoughts, make aligned decisions from your soul, and integrate with the highest version of you, The Confidence Master Class is for you.

  • When was the last time you were able to stop the incessant worry running across your mind and actually FEEL that you’re supported, guided, and have all the answers? 

Picture what your life would be like if you…

  • Asked for what you wanted unapologetically.. And knew how to get it 😉

  • Mastered the craft of objectivity to heal limiting beliefs and toxic relationships with ease

  • Had the confidence to leave the job you hate and pursue your passion full-time

  • Handled sticky situations with grace, power, and pure conviction like a straight goddess boss

  • Could take the reins on any situation that comes your way, always manifesting the BEST result with unwavering belief it’s already yours

  • Easily magnetized soulmate clients, dream opportunities, million dollar biz ideas

  • Had complete financial freedom by simply living out your purpose and listening to your gut!

  • Woke up every day IN LOVE with your life, in alignment with your soul, receiving all the blessings you desire (and deserve!)

Perfection right?!


It's YOURS sis, but there are two ways to get it:

You can either spend ANOTHER year frustrated AF chasing your tail, trying to figure it out alone, wishing things could be different.. OR you can have it all *RIGHT NOW* with the answers and support your soul is craving...


Did we mention magic? Lots of that too!


The Confidence Master Class is designed to guide you, step-by-step in becoming the master of your mind, facilitate emotional intelligence and reset old patterns with powerful techniques (that never lose their potency) to live as the highest expression of your soul!

  • Stop overwhelm and anxiety in its tracks… you’re ready to be a CONFIDENT decision maker

  • Handle toxic relationships from a place of compassion and healthful objectivity

  • Heal the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and playing small… so you can exceed your potential

  • Overcome your ego’s objections (and everyone else’s!) from a place of power… maneuver masterfully to transcend things that no longer serve you

  • Silence your fearful, judgmental, negative thoughts FOREVER… awaken your drive and you’re guaranteed to thrive!

  • Reprogram your mindset from scary to supportive… become the boss of your life and your career!

  • Fully integrate with the most influential, inspired, successful version of yourself

  • Magnetize money, soulmate clients, and live the reality you REALLY desire… the abundance manifestation method brings #blessingsonblessings

Your transformation will be unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced…



Say bye bye to the bullshit holding you back babe, because your life is about to change forever. It’s time to get crystal clear on the root causes of your limiting systems and how they’ve been blocking you from showing up as your most powerful self. We will unearth the roots of this fear tree to heal the forest of your mind for good. You’ll enter the energy of your Highest self and create roadmap for your dream life using a confidence archaetype. My 5 Keys to Confidence will blow you away. We’ll get vulnerable and pave the way for growth and success to flow.



Let’s get to the REAL you babe. Who is she, what are her belief systems, what does her life look like? Get ready to step ino your power babe. Through powerful, life changing techniques, you will foster a newfound connection to your intuition, meet yourself on deeper levels than ever before, learn how to make decisions from your highest self, and operate from a place of knowing you are deserving to have everything you desire now.



Through my 3C Method, you will learn how to harness and apply your energy to become a magnet for what you want, how to present yourself like a leader no matter the situation (even if it’s triggering), and how to stand in confidence consistently. Confidence will be your new default state. This will ensure are capable of handling any obstacle from a place of conscious mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The rituals you create will be the foundation for your confidence and your roadmap for achieving everything you want in your life.​



Now that you are fully and powerfully integrated with the confident queen that you were always meant to be, we’ll dive deep into LOA so that you can manifest your deepest goals and desires. We’ll embrace your new money mentality, abundance mindset, boss lady belief systems, and create new highest self manifestos. By the end of this lesson you’ll be a client and opportunity magnet, while receiving your manifestations with ease.

Real Results from Real Babes

What's Included ↡ ↡

  • Lifetime Access to +8 Hours of Masterful Trainings with Jenay ($2,500 value)

  • Private Facebook Support Sisterhood ($800 value). Connect with like-minded women eager to forge powerful friendships in a safe container for expansion, exploration, and empowerment

  • Abundance Manifestation Method ($800 value). Learn Jenay’s super secret, potent process to creating her own 6 figure empire

  • Life-Changing Self Mastery Worksheets ($250 value). Downloadable pdf that can be done again & again for lasting impact no matter what stage of life you’re at

  • Confident Queen Guided Meditation ($97 value). Downloadable mp3 file, listen anytime to get yourself in the energy of pure, unshakable confidence

  • Master of Self Hypnosis ($97 value). Downloadable mp3 file that will rewire your mindset to embody your true powerful self

Were you counting GF?

Imagine yourself 6 months from now so in your power, obsessed with your work, abundant af, money flowing in, incredible aligned friendships, living with the respect of your Higher Self and your peers as the leader you were meant to be…

Now ask yourself: would THAT version of you invest in herself?


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