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We've been asked thousands of times to release the exact social media strategy used to grow a global million-dollar brand and community (that's still growing at ~1k weekly) in under 2 years, as well as the accounts of hundreds of clients. It's here.

Does this sound familiar?

😢  you're struggling to find your niche so your messaging feels unclear..


😢  your posts barely get any engagement and your page is at a painful standstill..


😢  you're lost at how to use IG like a pro (#'s? captions?!) and need a clear roadmap asap..


😢  you'd kill for the secrets to grow an engaged audience on IG full of potential buyers..

    If you're worried that you might have to give up this dream of becoming your own boss online, just because you can’t figure out how to build a community on Instagram...


    Imagine if you...

    🎉   Knew exactly what to post everyday to create a consistent brand people love to follow. 


    🎉   Had a simple roadmap that brings in hundreds of new followers without spending a dime on ads.


    🎉   Created content that goes viral every time, positioning you as the go-to expert in your space.


    🎉   Posted to an audience full of warm leads + raving fans who engage the second it goes live.


    🎉   Had DM's full of potential clients asking to buy from you and thanking you for the work you do.

    ... we've unlocked the exact formula for this - and we're ready to give it to you.

    Meet The BOSS FastTrack 🙌

    Your ultimate guide to master Instagram as a digital entrepreneur: nail your niche, position yourself as an expert, create viral content, and grow a community full of ideal clients.

    Building a community is the #1 secret to growing a successful online business of any kind.

    These are the EXACT STRATEGIES that have built hundreds of engaged communities for hundreds of other online coaches and business owners.

    If you're ready to...

    ✅  Know exactly how to use IG like a pro (from #’s to DM’s)


    ✅  Batch create months worth of engaging content with ease


    ✅  Become the most credible, followable leader in your niche


    ✅  Master rinse-and-repeat strategies to go viral on Instagram again and again


    ✅  Have a proven framework to grow your community and create uncapped potential

    The BOSS FastTrack is for you!

    What you'll learn...

    • 1. Foundation

      Your energy is one of the most uniquely important traits of any online leader. Here you'll learn how to embody your leadership (even if you're not sure who you're talking to.. or what you're good at). You'll up-level your mindset and set actionable goals, and owning your unique expertise, this section sets you up for success with a proper foundation. 

    • 2. Insta Setup

      Setup your Instagram like a pro from the start is a must! Here you'll learn what type of account is right for you, how the platform works, and important rules to follow that will keep your account high quality and growing like clockwork. Go from using IG like a regular follower... to a creator and thought-leader.

    • 3. Your Niche

      Not sure what your content should be about or who you can help? Here you'll learn exactly how to identify the niche that you will serve, find out how to attract those specific people to your space, and create binge-worthy content across the platform that keeps your followers saying, "how did she know?!"

    • 4. Viral Content

      After this module, you'll be a copywriting pro with engaging captions and beautiful graphics using our proven templates! You'll be able to create months of content in one sitting with ease and schedule your posts for effortless growth day after day. Hello viral content that effortlessly grows your audience, and positions you as THE expert.

    • 5. Community

      You'll learn how to create a true community full of raving vans who grow your platform for you! Plus you'll dig into important Algorithm secrets and best practices, exclusive outreach strategies to build profitable relationships with new followers, and how to use insights like an expert to supercharge your platform.

    • 6. BONUS

      In this entirely free bonus module you'll learn the proven framework to turn your new community into a profitable online business. This is the same strategy that has helped our students reach $30,000 months and build us into a million-dollar brand.  Ready to turn those followers into buyers? This bonus course will teach you how.

    What's Included ⬇️

    • +4 Hours of Tactical Video Content (Value $1997)

    • Access to Private Community Monitored by Team Jenay (Value $997) 

    • Exclusive Audit Of Jenay’s Instagram (Value $297)

    • Viral Canva Templates, Professionally Designed (Value $297)

    • Comprehensive Worksheet Guides (Value $197) 

    • Lifetime Access + Updates (Value $997)  

    • 24/7 Access From Any Device!

    • BONUS Masterclass: How to Hit Six-Figures Online (Value $997)

    • BONUS: 2-part Viral REELS Tutorial! This was HIGHLY requested and has our FastTrack students going viral everyday (to the tune of 300k views and more!)

    • BONUS: Recording of a LIVE 90-Minute Coaching Call with Jenay! Learn from the IG master herself from this comprehensive session.


    FOR ONLY  $695  ➡ $395!

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    Want results like this?


    When does it start?

    How does this compare to other IG courses? 

    What does it include?

    Along with all of the incredible value listed above, this program takes you through a proven system to build an organic community on Instagram leveraging highly engaging viral content. It includes the video content, access to private FB community, exclusive audit of Jenay’s viral content, viral Canva templates, comprehensive worksheet guides, lifetime access to the course plus all updates, 24/7 access from any device, as well as these bonuses: 90 minute bonus masterclass and 2-part viral REELS tutorial!

    What if it doesn't work for me?

    Hey BOSS! My name is Jenay Rose and I am the Creator of The BOSS Method ™ and The BOSS FastTrack! I have built a 7-figure business and a community of almost 100k (growing daily!) in under 2 years. Now I want to teach you how!

    You may know me on Instagram as @jenay.rose! It would be an understatement to say that I am OBSESSED with teaching women how to create profitable communities online. Think of me as your biggest encourager and results-focused Business Mentor. 


    Three years ago I made the life-changing decision to quit my  corporate job at the biggest brand in the world to follow my passion for teaching yoga. Everyone I knew called me crazy, but I quickly turned a small following into a profitable business - and the rest is history. 


    This launched me to become a the leading business mentor to impact-driven women who want to change lives and create profitable communities. But enough about me...

    Ready to stop posting haphazardely to IG hoping something finally clicks? 

    Start building a community full of dream followers simply by posting on Instagram using 100% organic strategies that actually work.


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